July 8, 2006 The day before Angel Reese flew back to Heaven.
exhausted all that we could and  time
to take another miracle for her to
all we had and giving it up to God...
It seemed as though the last two
point to do something new with her
singing her a new song, holding her
putting on a new song she never

also the day before she passed
would go up to see her first because
during the week because of his job.
I knew that we had basically
was all we had.  It was going
ever come home.  Hope was
but that was really hard to do
weeks she was here I made a
everyday.  It was as simple as
in a different position or

It was a Saturday and it was
away.   Most of the time Jeff
he didn't get as much time
He had decided that morning that he would stay home with Hunter, battling his time with Hunter and Reese was
always difficult.  She was having a wonderful morning and I tried to even have her bear weight on my legs. I was so
excited at how well she looked and how awake she was. It was almost as if she was allowing us to have this last
beautiful day with her. Our sweet Reese always somehow thought about others, that was one of the most amazing
things about her.

For some reason the one thought that kept entering my head was that Jeff needed to come up to see her. I was
worried that he was beginning to distance herself from Reese. It also felt as if Reese was telling me to get daddy to
her room. I picked up my phone and called Jeff and told him that he had to come see her, that she looked so good and
that his baby girl was waiting for him. Once he heard that Reese wanted to see him, well that is all it took. I
immediately put her back in her bed and told her to please stay awake for daddy because he was coming to see her.
It was so hard to leave, although I had never felt so compelled to get in my car and speed home. I walked into the
door and saw Jeff sitting on the couch. I told him to get in the car. He looked at me and told me that he needed to
shower first. I then proceeded to tell him that he didn't have time to take a shower and to get in the car. He looked at
me, put on his cap and out the door he went.

It takes about 12 min to get to the NICU from our home. He called me within 20 and sounded like proudest, happiest
father ever. It brought tears to my eyes. He sounded so proud of his baby girl and so proud to be her daddy. She
waited for her daddy to arrive with eyes wide open. He got to hold her for a good 30 min while she gazed up at his
eyes in silence. I remember the nurse telling me that she even left the room because it was "their time." Her daddy
got to rock her to sleep and put her into bed. That was the last time we ever saw her eyes open again. She left us
with a wonderful memory. Keep in mind, we did get to hold her quite a bit, but each time we got to we knew it may be
the last so each time was very special to us.
It's not the amount of time we
spend here, it's how we spend it.
Little Leakers
Meet Reese