Several times Lymphangiectasia has nearly killed Alison.  In
January, 2003, she was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children
hovering between life and death. In February, after 14 months
spent mostly in critical care, she returned home.

Now she is giving encouragement to others. Most recently, she
spoke to a large crowd at a Toronto event held by Wayne Dyer,
the American self-help television personality whose latest work,
The Power Of Intention, was aired on PBS.

"She's a remarkable young lady doing wonderful things," Dyer
says. "She's out of the hospital, walking around. Not too long ago,
it just did not look good."

Alison continues to grow stronger everyday.
Dyer believes Alison has made it because of the same skills that make
her a natural leader:

- She has a very strong mind of her own and the ability to know
when    people are authentic.
- She's peacefully strong and doesn't play the victim role.
- She's in a state of gratitude all the time.
- She's always giving back -- as much as she's received, she's
given         back.
- She's not loaded down with doubt -- she knows she can be healed.
Little Leakers
Meet Alison
Alison went to heaven on Sunday December 10, 2006.
Alison always showed great courage and focused on helping
others.  Alison left an everlasting impression on everyone she met.
She will be missed dearly.