Hello, My name is Christopher, or ‘Fitfa’ as my youngest sister,
Fiona calls me.  I’m small, cute and only 16 months old.

I was born on the 8th April 2004 and came bouncing into the
world as an happy baby to join my family of Mum, Dad, 5 sisters
and 1 brother. I’ve been a bit poorly since I was born but Dad
says I’m going to be fine, so I’ll leave all the worrying to him. My
special Doctors found out that I had something called IL in my
tummy when I was 10 months old. Until then I was really ill and
not much better until I was around 14 months old. Now I'm
having Immunoglobulins and sticking to a low fat diet which has
made me a lot healthier.
I’ve had a load of fun in my life so far and nothings going to stop me
from having a whole lot more. I love to play with all my sisters and
my brother, Benjamin. I spend most of my time making everyone
laugh and a lot of my time visiting Doctors and Nurses, just to see if
they’re okay. (They say I go so they can see me, but I feel fine!).

I would also like to invite you all to visit my very own website at
www.christopherdiamond.co.uk , where you can see lots of cute
photos, and read all about me and IL. Please sign my guest book
while you're there. I hope you are all well and having as much fun as
All The Best Christopher
Little Leakers
Meet Christopher