Conor was born in October 2004 in Perth, Western Australia.
He spends his days laughing with his 2 year old brother, Aiden.

Conor has suffered with lymphoedema in his limbs (particularly
the left side), tummy and face since the day he was born. At 4
months, the gastro team at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth
diagnosed IL via a bowel biopsy.  Since then, Conor has been
treated in a variety of ways, including special formula, vitamins,
walnut oil and pressure garments to reduce the swelling. He
also has been receiving albumin infusions every two weeks.

It has been a complicated process so far, but we are hopeful
that it will become easier as time goes on.
Conor is a happy little baby who charms all of the nurses and
doctors that he currently sees!

Sam, Justin, Aiden and Conor Brown
Little Leakers
Meet Conor