Little Leakers
Isla was diagnosed at 10 weeks, after being admitted
to hospital with swollen hands and feet. After a
fortnight in hospital she was discharged and started
to recover her levels. Unfortunately, she then
contracted gastro-enteritis which she could not get
rid of.

This lasted until February 2008 when she was
re-admitted to hospital and given TPN. She then
staged a complete turn around and managed to
bring all of her levels back to normal range.

At the time of writing this, Isla has vitamin and iron
supplements every day and is on an extremely low
fat diet. She is small for her age but is catching up
and is maintaining all of her levels within normal
range. Other than this she is a happy, thriving two
year old and loves running, dancing, singing,
dressing-up and bossing her big sister around.
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