Little Leakers
Meet Nicole
Nicole was born Jan 20, 2006.
She was 8lbs 9 oz via repeat
c-section. Upon her birth she
appear to be swollen on her
left side at that they told me
it was amniotic fluid and it
would go away. Then at 6
months the Geneticist said
the swelling was
hemihypertrophy.  The
Pediatrician disagreed
he believe it was edema,
not a muscle overgrowth,
and continue to referral me to other doctors trying to solve why she
was swollen on her left side, always throwing up, and always having
diarrhea. It wasn't until she was 22 mos when I took her to the local
Children's Hospital where they discovery she never had
hemihypertrophy. That night when she was admitted to Children's her
protein level was 0.7. This whole time from birth she had Intestinal
Lymphangiectasia with protein
losing enteropathy. Now the
Doctor check her protein levels
every 4-6 weeks and when ever
she drops below 2.0 she is
admitted for albumin treatment.
She also follows a low fat high
protein diet and drinks Portagen
daliy. She will be ready to start
Pre-K in fall of 2010.