This is my brother Riley and I.
Hi my name is Brady,

I was born in April 2003 and live
in Sydney, Australia with my Mum
and Dad, my 5 year old brother Riley
and my Jack Russell Dog,  named Scully.

I have Intestinal Lymphangiectasia - when I was a baby I spent 6 weeks in
the Sydney Childrens Hospital because I became really puffy and was
very very sick.   The Doctors pretty much narrowed my condition down to
IL straight away - but wasn't confirmed till I was 6 months old and had a
second endoscopy.   I am not a very good eater but try to have lots and
lots of protein each day with a maximum of 8 grams of fat, and lots and
lots of MCT Oil and Polyjoule (which I hate) to make me grow.   Oh and
another 5 or so medicines to keep me healthy.

Our life is fairly normal - I go to Pre School two days a week, play
kindisport on Monday and have swimming lessons on Wednesdays.  The
only time I find it difficult is someones birthday party but Mummy or Daddy
usually come with me to keep an eye on me.  I know I'm not allowed chips
and chocolates and things - but Mummy makes me yummy chocolate
fudge and I really love snakes and jubes and marshmallows.

Since my first trip to hospital I have only had two other stays overnight.  
Mummy is convinced I am doing so well thanks to the early diagnosis and
the great support we get from our team at the Sydney Childrens Hospital -
I love going there to see our dietitian.

I hope everyone else is doing okay.

This is my family.  We have fun together.
Little Leakers
Meet Brady