My name is Teri Taylor.  Our son, Mike, was diagnosed at the age of 3
years old with  Primary Acute Intestinal Lymphangiectasia (IL).    Mike is
now 10 years old and tries to live a normal life even though he goes to
the hospital about 45 days a year to maintain his health.

Mike receives infusions of albumin and calcium every 2 weeks.  He will
need these “tune ups” for the rest of his life in order to stay alive!  He
has had 7 surgeries and over 100 infusions!  He is on a restricted diet
of high protein, low fat (15%), and no milk (uses soy milk).

We are so proud of Mike’s great positive attitude.  He is a fifth grader,
is a Cub Scout and plays soccer for his Dad, the coach.

We have learned that there are very few of us (IL) patients.  We would
love to connect with each one of you, to share our stories and learn
from each other, to find the best treatment options for each of our
loved ones!   

Best wishes,
Ken, Teri, Joe, Brian,
Steve and Mike Taylor
Mike’s web site is:
Meet Mike
Little Leakers