My name is Nancy and I was born with IL although it was not
diagnosed until I was 23.  I am 57 years old.  The condition, also
called Waldmann's disease was not coined until two years before I
went ti NIH for a diagnostic workup.  I have mesenteric involvement
as well as lymph masses in my belly. My ankles swell sometimes and
I cannot fight viral or yeast infections very well because of immune
compromise in my intestines.

I have tried many treatments-remember this was in the days before
TPN, etc.  I  have been on a low fat diet since high school, used MCt
oil for about 6 years and found TPN with albumin and diuretics to be
most effective. I use Boost/Breeze as a supplement now, as I no
longer have TPN (no more access sites for the central line).  I used
TPN for 10 years.

I am the oldest of five girls in my family.  No one else has IL, nor do
my parents.
I was able to go through public schools, nursing school and college.  
I worked as an oncology nurse for 20 years before the IL forced me
to retire.  I had used all my reserves of energy.

I an happy to answer any questions about my experiences with IL,
TPN, getting disability and general support.  The support, I think, is
very important.  I had no one else to talk to while I was growing up
and support would have been helpful.  Just to say, yep, been there,
done that, can relate to what you are going through.

Nancy Groat 2/23/1947 - 6/2005  She will be greatly missed.
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it's the size of the fight in the dog.
Mark Twain
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