My name is Pedro Vinicius, I was born on 06/24/2003 in Rio De
Janeiro, Brazil.

I was fine up to 2 months of age.  After 1 month in the hospital, I
stayed in the intensive theraphy unity (here UTI).  I had generalized
edema (my parents looked for doctors).  Beyond the edema, I also
suffered from vomiting, and had diarrhea often (with such a bad
smell).  The doctor's thought I had a milk allergy, so I began to take
neocate for two months (I got worse than I was before).  I was then
subjected to endoscopy and many other exams.  The biopsy
confirmed IL.

My doc changed my diet, using MCT, alfaré and limited I was limited to
11g of fat.  I stayed well up to 2-3 years of age.  My parents took me
to Sao Paulo, where I continue my treatment, with a hiperproteic diet,
MCT, caseical and no fat.  Now when I swell because of albumin loss, I
get admitted and receive albumin.  Now the exams are essentials to
the research, my immunity is low, but I don´t take IVIG yet.  The
doctors are still studying this possibility, inspite of not getting  
infections that often.

I live as normal a life as possible of course and my mom did and does
everything to help me.  I have two brothers, Rafael is 17 and Bruno
who is 10 years old.  You can visit my page, It will be a pleasure for
me. And comments too.

If you want to send me email:

Good bless you all Gabriella , Marcelo and Pedro
Little Leakers
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