200 g flour
100 g sugar
4 spoons of milk
2 eggs  (you will need to substitute the yolks with MCT Oil or egg substitute)
30 g baking powder

Mix together sugar, flour, milk, eggs and salt. Work the dough until it is very smooth. Add baking
powder and let rise in the mould for at least 3 hours. Cook for 25 minutes at a medium
When it’s cooked, soak with a mix of rum, water and sugar. If it’s for children, you can easily
substitute rum with pineapple or peach syrup or lemon juice.

**The original recipe contains butter, I found this one without fats but I  noticed it   takes more to
rise. Once it took me 5 hours! This is also depending on the outer temperature**
Little Leakers
Baba' (or Sponge Cake, traditional of Naples)