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Information Form For Lymphangiectasia
Patient Name:
Patients Gender:
Date of Birth:
Is the patient with IL the eldest child?:
Date Diagnosed:
If not where does he/she fall:
(example: 1st child, 2nd child, etc.)
What were the initial symptoms:
When did you first notice any symptoms:
Medicines Currently Taking:
Treatments Currently Receiving:
Type of Diet:  (if any)
Tests that have been performed: (Please give dates if possible)
Where is the Patient being Treated: (Hospital, Medical Facility)
If so please list any other condition:
Does the patient receive any nutritional assistance:  (dietician/nutritionist or Tpn, tube feed, etc.)
Were there any complications during the pregnancy of the child with IL:
Were any medications given to the Mother before or during labor:
Was the birth:
Any studies on IL that you have come across:
Any additional information that you have learned on IL that you are willing to share:
Any comments as to what treatments have been helpful and have not been:
Any good low fat recipes:
Is there any information that you would like to see on our web site?
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